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Empowering public interest technologists to join projects with social impact.

What is Public Interest Technology?

The first official call for public interest technologists happened in a Freedman Consulting LLC 2016 report that highlights a growing demand for technologists working or interested in public interest fields. This demand comes from governments, charities, philanthropic private entities, and other initiatives that work towards economic development, political engagement, and civic rights across the globe.

What is PubinTech?

Recognizing that the path to becoming a public interest technologist can be intimidating and overwhelming, PubinTech is a project devoted to helping answer the call for more technologists in alignment with social impact.

Building Public Interest Technologist DNA

The field of public interest technology is still very young, so there are many people who fit the profile of a public interest technologist but may not associate with the title or community. This gives us the chance to develop this identity in a meaningful way.

PubinTech follows a three-part framework, DNA, to guide the journey of a technologist looking to create this identity that allows enough leeway for each technologist to appeal to their own strengths and public interest calling (as outlined in this article).


Current PubinTech Initiatives

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Initiative Gallery



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